The farm is owned and operated by Kelly Carney, a retired software developer with over 20 years of experience in the online travel industry. Since starting the farm in 2009, his passion for growing organic fruits and vegetables is only matched by his passion for spreading the word about organic food to his customers. His creative approaches to age old challenges have helped create unique growing environments that help produce quality organic fruits and vegetables using sustainable techniques.

We named our growing systems after Flintstones characters to symbolize our desire to get back to ‘Bedrock’.

Fred is our main production system. Fred is a 2.1 acre series of gutter connected High Tunnel Hoop Houses by Haygrove Growing Systems. Fred uses an advanced Luminance THB UV protected light defusing film designed to keep him warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Growing under poly helps manage water and prevent scalding which is critical to maintain a healthy crop.

Wilma is a 20x96 heated Green House used to start seeds and has a small production area for winter growing.

Barney is a 1/3 acre field of Ouachita and Navaho Thorn-less Blackberries.

Betty is a 1 acre Arkansas Black Apple Grove intercropped with 18 rows of vegetable production between the trees.

Bamm Bamm is a 3 acre field used for summer production.